I belive in reality, what i can touch and fell with my own hands or what i can look at. Doesn't matter if i am making a portrait or taking a picture of still nature what i care about is to make sure that the true energy of this moment is captured. No fake emotion or overposed gesture is realy worth to me. Thus i don't feel like any specific theme is my favourite. I definitely go with the flow of my current interests and because of that i always have something i can go back to, sometimes it means i will shoot one last frame.


Absolwentem ASP/ PWSFTviT.



Dotychczas, swoje prace prezentowałem na wystawach w Polsce i za granicą. Swobodnie poruszam się między technikami fotograficznymi, od klasycznych rejestracji obrazu na błonach światłoczułych przez fotografię cyfrową, aż po fotografię mobilną. 


I am


I hold degrees both from ASP and PWSFTiviT.

I do sports.

So far my work was exhibited in Poland but also outside our country. I mostly use traditional photograpahic techniques such as film cameras but sometimes i also use digital camera or even mobile to express my self.

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